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The Buddy System

Dogs are transforming the lives of children on the autism spectrum. THE BUDDY SYSTEM follows the touching journey of David Williams and his specially trained autism assistance dog, Buddy, as both boy and dog evolve and grow together.


This uplifting documentary—made by an Emmy award-winning filmmaking team—also showcases Patty Dobbs Gross, a pioneer in the field of breeding and training autism assistance dogs, as well as the volunteer puppy raisers and trainers in the community who help prepare these canine companions for their important work.


THE BUDDY SYSTEM has heart, soul, and purpose. A simple story about a boy and his dog tells the story of so many other families across the country—maybe even that of your friend or next-door neighbor. A dog like Buddy allows children to develop essential social skills, heightens emotional empathy, and helps to level the playing field so they finally feel like they belong.

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