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My War  - Feature Documentary

The last great story, of the last great war, is a love story.“Tracy Sugarman’s story of life, love, and war during World War II is a treasure–a beautifully drawn portrait of a young man’s devotion to his wife, his duty, and the enduring lessons of that special time.”

—TOM BROKAW, NBC AnchorAuthor of “The Greatest Generation”


“In the entire course of World War II, Tracy Sugarman got shot at just once, and never fired at an enemy. But his is one of the most compelling accounts of the war I’ve ever read. Most of all, My War is a love story about a young couple caught up in the middle of the biggest conflict ever, doing their duty but never losing sight of their love.”

—STEPHEN AMBROSE, Author of “D-Day”

Eccentrics  - Feature Documentary

History has not only been colored, but shaped by eccentric thought and invention. Be it the exploits of T. E. Lawrence, the musical brilliance of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or the cosmic revelations of Albert Einstein, eccentricity is universal. Whether famous or obscure, brilliantly talented or devoid of any artistry whatsoever, eccentrics are united by their permanent state of non-conformity. But how does one determine exactly who is eccentric and who is just plain nuts?

Children of the Movement - Documentary

Series – 3 x 1 hour

The American Civil Rights Movement has had many fathers and mothers but now, more than 50 years beyond those early struggles for equality, who are the children of the Movement? Who are the leaders of today and tomorrow? And how will we, as a nation, embrace the emerging challenges of a multi-cultural 21st century?


Behind the Hedgerows 

At precisely 9:00 a.m. on the Thursday before the Labor Day weekend, a mysterious, sexually appealing woman rings the doorbell of 127 Lilly Pond Lane, East Hampton. This simple act sets into motion a series of events that will rupture many lives – including her own. Swirling about in an insular world of martinis and art openings, extravagant homes and even more extravagant lives, neighbors Ulla Angstrom and Carolyn Foster grapple first with misfortune and then with each other. As the psychological noose begins to tighten, one child dies; another disappears. One family solidifies; another disintegrates. Behind the hedgerows, beneath a patina of wealth and privilege,the suspense is killing us all.


Life for Claire Spencer, creator of cryptic crosswords, is bland and predictable. That is until her beloved aunt’s death sends everything spinning desperately out of control. She seeks comfort with a bottle of Jack Daniels at a local bar and soon, motivated by grief, booze, and a great pair of high heels, Claire’s life becomes bizarrely entangled with hotshot political correspondent, Anthony Davis. Within days, Claire loves and loses her man, becomes the prime suspect in his murder and finds herself enmeshed in a high-stakes political scandal. As her world implodes over an action-packed 72-hour period, Claire must use her cryptic skills to solve the biggest puzzle of her life—in order to save it.


Muskoka Dry - Television Series

A Jeep bearing New York Vanity plates, “YNK-EES” pulls up next to a broken dockside gas pump at McGregor’s Marina. Owner HANK McGREGOR watches with a gimlet-eye as MATT STEVENS, an American, emerges from the vehicle  followed by his new wife, beloved long time summer resident, LIZ CAMPBELL. Add to the mix, WASP matriarch CATHERINE CAMPBELL with a LCBO bag full of Gin, Spanish Olives, and the ashes of her dead husband; Liz’s staunchly Anti-American sister STACY; reclusive former hockey star GUY LEFEVRE; sleaze-bag Toronto developer “EVIL AL”; and an eclectic array of summer renters, and life in Muskoka begins to thrum to a new rhythm. “MUSKOKA DRY” is a wry and refreshing romantic comedy that catapults the yin and yang of Canadian/American relations into sharp—and unforgettable—relief. It’s clear that Toronto’s Cottage Country will never be the same.


Killing Mom - Full Length Play

MARION WOLCOTT has a secret. She has invited her middle daughter, CASSIE and granddaughter, KAT to visit her on Martha’s Vineyard. Cassie, a frazzled single mother is thrilled at the opportunity to return to her childhood home to get a much-needed break from city-life, but Cassie soon learns that her mother has another agenda. Marion announces that she has a terminal disease and wants Cassie to help her die when “the time comes,” but urges her to tell no one.  Complications ensue when Cassie’s two sisters, BETH, a thrice-married drama queen, and JOANNE, a fundamentalist Christian, are invited for a weekend visit. The news that Marion is contemplating assisted suicide inevitably leaks out, which triggers a series of revelations, confessions, and unexpected reconciliations.

A Whole New World - One-Act Play

A prickly teenage girl overhears that her terminally ill grandmother is secretly contemplating assisted suicide, which triggers a series of unexpected revelations.

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