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Inspiring stories of people who thrive after surviving the devastation of fire, reclaiming first their lives, and then their dreams. The film is framed and given insight by Iraq War Veteran and actor, J.R. Martinez (All My Children, Dancing With the Stars). When you forge metal with fire, it becomes stronger. It turns out—the same is true of the human spirit.  (Distributed globally by PBS International)

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Meet the TACKLE GIRLS, an exceptional football team, as they hit the field to knock down any misconceptions that women can’t play professional football. No lingerie models here, just true grit and determination. These women play with the same power and intensity as the men. And they’re making history – just like the pioneers of women’s professional tennis and the WNBA did before them. When it comes to blocking, passing, running and catching, the TACKLE GIRLS can do it all.



Television Special (2 hrs) WEtv 2012

No longer do individuals or couples have to resign themselves to being childless. More and more wanna-be mums and dads are turning to surrogacy. Surrogate Stosries meets the people so desperate to have a family of their own they will consider any solution, and asks why some women are prepared to endure the rigors of pregnancy and the intense pain of childbirth only to hand the baby over to people she may never see again? (Distributed Internationally by Off The Fence)


DOCUMENTARY (1 hr aired on WEtv 2010) 

The term “child bride” conjures up images of solemn, wide-eyed girls in far-flung lands, forced into early marriage. So it’s surprising to discover that girls as young as 13 can legally marry in America. The post-nuptial reality is harsh. Child brides face an elevated risk of domestic assault, sexual abuse and murder. The likelihood of their completing high school is slim and the only near certainty is that they will struggle with poverty for the rest of their lives.  (Distributed Internationally by Off The Fence)


DOCUMENTARY (1 hr) WEtv 2008

The traditional definition of “family” has evolved and alternative lifestyles are gaining more acceptance. Single parents, gay parents and unmarried couples with children are no longer so unusual. Can polygamous families fit into this new paradigm? Silenced by society for so long, these women finally take us inside their hidden world. (Distributed Internationally by Off the Fence)

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